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The ICIMOD ‘Springshed approach’ is an initiative to understand the hydrogeological perspective of springs, the current demand and supply pattern, and existing local management practices, if any, at a landscape scale to use that science and

abundant seasonal and annual water supply. Despite this, mountain people living on the ridges and hill slopes have limited

system to identify potential water harvesting

Too Much or Too Little Water in the Himalayas

Using GIS to address water scarcity problem in Bangladesh

Knowledge Forum on Climate Resilient Development in the Himalayan and Downstream Regions

As a young girl growing up in the hilly Dapcha Kashikhanda municipality, Sushila Adhikari remembers her local pond Daraune Pokhari. It used to be much larger than it is today.


change and a looming energy crisis as the remote, off-grid, high altitude mountain areas of the Hindu Kush-Himalayas, where living conditions are harsh and many people are vulnerable and

Deteriorating air quality in Nepal and its adverse effects on health and daily activities of the public has drawn the attention of various stakeholders.

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HICAP in the news



to address food, water and energy issues, the region is likely to face an unprecedented food crisis. This was the underlining message of the two-day regional ‘Knowledge