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is leading to water scarcity for millions of people in the growing cities of the Hindu Kush Himalayas. The massive river systems that supply the water for a range of daily needs, from drinking water to electricity generation, can’t

Monday 21 March 2016 | ICIMOD Headquarters, Khumaltar, Lalitpur | 3:00-4:30 pm. This event is free and open to the public.

theme this year is ‘Water for Development’. Based on this theme, ICIMOD will be co-convening two sessions on 25 August. The first, ‘Water: A Domestic Goddess’, from 11:00-12:30, will explore the challenges and innovation in Water supply

abundant seasonal and annual water supply. Despite this, mountain people living on the ridges and hill slopes have limited

World Water Day 2011

all know that water is essential for drinking, health, cleanliness, electricity, and the environment, but most people tend to underestimate the importance of water for food production. We also tend to take for granted the many actions required to


Reuters Foundation World Water Day Special- From Water consumers to Water conservers: How waste Water reuse and recycling can reduce Water drudgery for women 22 Mar 2017, Published in eNews Desk From Water consumers to Water conservers: How

River threatens Pakistan’s water supplies 29 Jun 2016, Published in Nature Urbanization, climate change, and peri-Urban water 28 Jun 2016, Published in OUPblog International seminar highlights importance of benefit sharing in hydropower

How big earthquakes rattle spring dynamics

impact Hindu Kush-Himalaya water supplies 20 Dec 2016, Published in Social News XYZ Climate change will impact Hindu Kush-Himalaya water supplies 20 Dec 2016, Published in Daily World Climate change will impact Hindu Kush-Himalaya water

Anjal Prakash

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melting, landslides, and water scarcity overload our everyday lives. The stories of environmental degradation are so overwhelming that there is a sense that we cannot really do anything about it. Yet, there are

“Climate + Change - Indian Himalayan Region: Our Mountains, Our Future” initiative is an innovative, open-ended initiative to foster Climate Smart Communities throughout the Indian Himalayan region. Becoming Climate Smart requires increased

2015 Pakistan opens up it water sector for investment 11 Dec 2015 Less water flow, mangroves removal pose threat to Indus Delta 03 Dec 2015 Rising number of glacial lakes threatening communities 27 Nov 2015 water experts, economists stress

The earthquake caused several secondary geo-hazards. More than 3,000 landslides occurred in the steep mountains and hills throughout the earthquake affected zone, posing additional risk to people and infrastructure (ICIMOD, 2015a).

Part of the climate change experienced in the Himalayan region is a result of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), which can remain in the atmosphere and impact the climate for centuries.

19. Snow

it possible to quantify the supplies and demands of ecosystem services and provide reliable data for monitoring