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Sustainable energy

More than a hundred local community members participated in a training workshop in late January to learn about management of invasive alien plant species to make bio-briquettes and bio-composting. Participants ranged from students from different

A two-day training was organised at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) Knowledge Park at Godavari for community forestry user group members from Godavari Kunda FUG, Yale Youth Club from Lalitpur District and Water

High Value Cash Crops

of converting all kinds of biomass into high value fertilizer

Cryosphere and Atmosphere

biomass is the sum of the above ground living organic material contained in trees, which is expressed as dry weight per unit area. Forest carbon trading has gained attention in recent years, for which practical methods for estimating forest

and herbs and their uses in traditional medicines in

Puxin Biogas Plant




News Archive

Improved cookstoves as a mitigation option for black carbon has been an area of ICIMOD’s interest for the past many years. Therefore, ICIMOD has been exploring ways to bring together innovative entrepreneurs and financing institutions to reach the

Sustainable land management using controlled gullying in

Improved Brick Kiln Technology promises benefits for health, agriculture, and climate

Non-solar Technologies

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