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A team of eight people from Nepal supported by ICIMOD’s Himalica and HICAP programmes visited Haryana and Delhi in India from 5-10 December 2016 under the coordination of CYMMIT-India to learn about climate-smart agricultural practices as well as

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Improved compost preparation

Better quality farmyard manure through improved decomposition

No-till garlic cultivation

Improved farmyard manure through sunlight, rain and runoff protection

Air, Snow, and Glaciers


Climate Change in Downstream Areas of the Indus River Basin: Local Perceptions and Adaptation Measures


Mountains may be rugged and majestic, but they’re also fragile environments that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. The high peaks of the Himalayas are a vast storehouse of water in frozen form, with the world’s greatest

Cultivation of fodder and grasses

Learning about no-till methods through farmer-to-farmer dissemination

Conservation Farming


Livestock and Fish

Honey: A Source of Nutrition, Medicine and Cash Income for Himalayan Farmers