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GIS and Remote Sensing

The objective of the capacity building and training programme is to enhance and strengthen the capacities of forest institutions in Nepal in utilising geo-information, and applying spatial tools and techniques to support planning and decision-making

This five day training is jointly organized by SERVIR Hindu Kush Himalaya of ICIMOD in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Water, Afghanistan. The training is intended to build capacity of ICIMOD’s national partners in the region to map

The training will enhance country level capacity for the development of future national forest monitoring systems for REDD in Myanmar.

Alpine eco-systems are sensitive to global temperature rise and have been a focus of climate change research. As resources of fresh water, the cryosphere as a whole, and glaciers in particular, have drawn much interest from the scientific community.

Remote sensing technology for high mountain ecosystems

Regional partners trained on applying remote sensing technology to monitor and map deforestation and forest degradation

Globalization and climate change have an increasing influence on the stability of fragile mountain ecosystems and the livelihoods of mountain people...

Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere – Snow and Glaciers

Agricultural development practitioners receive advanced training on remote sensing techniques

Capacity Building Workshop on Satellite Remote Sensing Applications for Water Resources Management

Workshop and Training on Rangeland Resource Assessment through GIS and Remote Sensing in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region

Improving Water Management through Satellite Remote Sensing Applications

Workshop on Integration of GIS and Remote Sensing for Rangeland Resource Assessment

National Training on Satellite Remote Sensing based Crop Monitoring Systems

Officials trained in GIS & remote sensing

Workshop on Digital Agriculture Atlas 2013 and Remote Sensing Based Crop Monitoring System in Nepal

Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) organised by

Consultative Workshop and Training on Range Resource Assessment through GIS and Remote Sensing in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region