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the construction of recharge ponds into next year’s ward and VDC plans as a result of research conducted by the Nepal Water Conservation Foundation (NWCF), a partner of

As a young girl growing up in the hilly Dapcha Kashikhanda municipality, Sushila Adhikari remembers her local pond Daraune Pokhari. It used to be much larger than it is today.

Plastic-lined conservation pond to store irrigation water

Local initiatives for rehabilitating degraded communal grazing land

Rehabilitation of degraded communal grazing land

A project in Nepal’s middle hills works to address problems of water scarcity

ICIMOD continued to coordinate and rally the broad regional and international teams in the ongoing post-disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts of the Government of Nepal. The ICIMOD Task Force on Geo-hazards...

Gender and socially inclusive local water use master plans supported by ICIMOD and HELVETAS in pilot VDCs are inspiring many communities in watershed areas to simulate the initiative

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Gully plugging using check dams


Riverbed farming

Protected gullies – a traditional sustainable land management practice

Traditional irrigated rice terraces

Using the fact sheets

Sustainable land management using controlled gullying in

Using the participatory market chain approach to help smallholder farmers market their produce

A multiple-use water system

Water use master plan

Contour bunding