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Frequently asked questions on bees and pollination

Intervention Strategies - Bees and Pollination Portal

through their pollination services, play a vital role in enhancing productivity of mountain crops, and maintaining natural biodiversity. Beekeepers provide pollination services to orchard/crop owners by renting out their bees in return

Promoting Beekeeping Enterprises for Improving Pollination Services, Mountain Livelihoods and Resilience

is a vital ecosystem service that is essential for ensuring human food security as well as maintaining natural ecosystems. Over three quarters of all plants, including world food crops, rely on animal pollinators for better yield and

Collaborative Action Research on Pollination

About Bees and Pollination

Himalayan Bees and Pollination Portal

Planning Workshop on Payment Mechanisms for Rangelands Provisioning Ecosystem Goods and Services - Testing and Piloting

Key activities - Bees and Pollination Portal

Beneficiaries - Bees and Pollination

News - Bees and Pollination


found that honeybee pollination increases the size of the apple, its shape, and its colour. Overall production was also much higher in orchards where bees were deployed intentionally

Collaborating organizations/ Partners - Bees and Pollination

Ecosystem Services

World Water Day 2017

What do butterflies, rising rivers, unstable mountainsides, and the Sherpas of the Everest region have in common? All were the focus of new knowledge tools and applications honoured in 2015 with ICIMOD’s ICT for Mountain Development Award, which