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Ecosystem valuation and PES pilot in Shardu-Khola watershed

Ecotourism has the potential to compliment Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) finance for landscape level conservation and management. REDD by itself may not have adequate finance to fulfil the conservation and

The innovative process, named Landscape Journey, offers a multidisciplinary team to connect with nature, culture, society, build a shared sustainable vision, and develop integrated and collective actions. The trip is a tool based on the simple

ICIMOD pilots first Forest Carbon Trust Fund in Nepal – Helps communities benefit from forest conservation and sustainable use

HIMALI Climate-Adaptive Agribusiness Watershed Plans Endorsed by Local Cooperatives in Jumla and Mustang, Nepal

Action research, piloting and up-scaling

The performance of glaciohydrological models which simulate catchment response to climate variability depends to a large degree on the data used to force the models.

The Landscape Journey is a process tool that is done across an identified site with interdisciplinary team. It requires meticulous planning in three phases: Pre-journey, Journey and post-journey phases.

technologies and practices piloted in Barshong Gewog through the Local 12th Five Year Plan (FYP) for Tsirang, Bhutan, the Support to Rural Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation in the Himalaya (Himalica)

In the Lohajar VDC of Saptari district, in Nepal’s floodplains, Gopal Khatiwada plays a key role in developing and implementing of local water use master plans or WUMPs, for short. WUMPs are five-year plans that use an integrated approach to

ICIMOD has been working in Gorkha district on REDD+ with local communities and forestry officials for the past eight years. The project prepares local community to participate in the international REDD+ climate policy while simultaneously

Two transboundary initiatives in the eastern Himalayas moved ahead in 2015 with milestones that included pilot projects and the endorsement and implementation of regional cooperation frameworks (RCFs).

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As one of the world’s first carbon offset projects involving local communities in monitoring the carbon in their forests, the project provides valuable global learning on how to build the capacity of local stakeholders in implementing carbon

Water Users Agree to Pay Watershed Communities in Kailash Sacred Landscape, Nepal 14 Oct 2016 Better business practices in Surkhet 14 Oct 2016 Pakistani policy makers visit Upper Indus Basin pilot projects 06 Oct 2016 pilot project

Office launched to monitor REDD in Nepal through community forest management

Koshi Basin Programme News

for farmers in Himalica pilot sites in Ruma Upazila Farmers in AdaptHimal pilot see promise in beekeeping Cryosphere research capacity building in Afghanistan 28 Mar 2017 Himalica Books on Cardamom Launched at Sixth Nepal International

22 Feb 2017 Himalica pilot partners meet to review 2016 progress and plan for 2017 02 Feb 2017 A Regional Orientation Training on Ecosystem Services Assessment Held in Udayapur, Nepal 30 Jan 2017 Adopting Climate Resilient Practices on

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