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The application combines near real-time MODIS visible bands (RGB product), and AOD (Aerosol Optical Depth) products to generate an air quality index. Information from NASA

Air quality

In recent years Nepal has been increasingly plagued by air pollution. We cough through the dry season while days with clear views of the Himalayas become rarer. Several obvious domestic sources contribute, including open fires, vehicles, cook

The Himalayas: Upstream but Downwind

20 participants from HKH region trained on the Weather Research and Forecast with Chemistry (WRF-Chem) Tutorial

Air pollution has become part of life for people across large parts of Asia. Thick smog chokes cities and their inhabitants as black exhaust from diesel engines clogs the air on daily commutes.

Consultation meeting explores measures to reduce emissions of short-lived atmospheric pollutants

Knowledge Forum with Prof V. Ramanathan: The Extreme Vulnerability of the Himalayan-Tibetan Region to Global Warming and Air Pollution

While in recent years we have been choking and coughing through ground-level air pollution, and Himalayan peaks have disappeared behind a regional haze, the larger picture of air pollution may be changing.

Experts from the HKH region discussed efforts to integrate air pollution and climate change mitigation activities in Asia during a side event organised by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGS), Japan at the ongoing UNFCCC COP21

4th International Training School on Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABC)

About the programme

Mountain Geoportal

The Atmosphere Initiative at ICIMOD, realizing the media’s important role in raising public awareness is organizing a training workshop for journalists to increase their understanding of the issues and complexities surrounding air pollution, its

Science Applications

On a crisp May morning, after a night’s heavy rainfall, a convoy of four-wheel drive vehicles climbed the 16 kilometer rough road from the Fishling village on the banks of the Trisuli river to the ridgetop at Ichhyakamana, Chitwan district, Nepal.

system Atmospheric haze monitoring in the HKH Agriculture monitoring to support food security Decisions support tools for Central Karakoram National Park Forest fire detection and monitoring in Bhutan Above ground biomass in Nepal

Peering into China’s thick haze of air pollution 23 Jan 2017 China's man-made forest project able to absorb PM 2.5: experts 03 Jan 2017 China to appoint river chiefs nationwide to protect its waters 12 Dec 2016 ICIMOD Party to Beijing

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