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The Rio+20 declaration “The Future We Want” recognizes that the vital goods and services mountains provide are essential for sustainable development across the globe. Further, major global events in 2015 – the Third UN World Conference on

The Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) are crucially important region for the world. These mountains serve as the ‘Water Towers of Asia’, providing water to over 1.3 billion people, and a number of other services, including food, biodiversity, and

Nature-based development policies can bring inclusive growth in South Asia

CBD-COP10 in Nagoya

Improved Brick Kiln Technology promises benefits for health, agriculture, and climate

Consultation meeting explores measures to reduce emissions of short-lived atmospheric pollutants


Too Much or Too Little Water in the Himalayas


Adaptation knowledge gaps have been identified, repeatedly, as a barrier to widespread and successful adaptation actions. The Lima Adaptation Knowledge Initiative (LAKI) recognises this challenge. Initiated by the United Nations Framework Convention

China, India and Nepal draft Regional Cooperation Framework for Conservation in the Kailash Sacred Landscape

Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP) - Regional Journalist Workshop

Natural Capital for Inclusive Growth: Options and Tools for South Asia A Policy Dialogue for Senior Policy Makers

Consultative Workshop on Sustainable Development Interventions in the Central Karakoram National Park, Pakistan

Partners’ Workshop for the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme

Global network needed for ecological research in mountains

China, India and Nepal agree on a common way forward for conservation and sustainable development of the Kailash Sacred Landscape

China, India and Nepal Strengthen Cooperation to Conserve the Kailash Sacred Landscape

e-discussion on Sustainable Mountain Development in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region

Communication approaches for science-policy-practice interfacing discussed