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Forest biomass is the sum of the above ground living organic material contained in trees, which is expressed as dry weight per unit area. Forest carbon trading has gained attention in recent years, for which practical methods for estimating forest

is a user-friendly Free and Open Source software that is

HKH Cryosphere Monitoring Project

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protect Nepal’s diverse resources 27 Jan 2016 R software training makes for better data analysis 27 Jan 2016 Lessons in High Altitude Medicine 26 Jan 2016 Learning to map and monitor glaciers 26 Jan 2016 Recharging springs and ponds in

At ICIMOD, the Transboundary Landscapes (TBL) Regional Program and Geospatial Solutions theme currently utilises the ARIES modelling platform to assess the sacredness potential of the Kailash landscape based on the data on cultural sites from India,


is a user-friendly Free and Open Source software that is used for land monitoring through the augmented visual interpretation of freely available satellite images. The system builds on Google technologies such as Google Earth, Earth Engine and the

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