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Hill Tracts districts: Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban, and presents a

Voices from the field

Training of Trainers in Beekeeping Management and Honey Production in Sikkim, India 25 Sep 2012 National Workshop to Orient Beekeeping Trainers on New Resource Manual Printed in Nepali 25 Sep 2012 Beekeeping Project Regional Results

about commercial Apis cerana beekeeping beekeeping a promising option for farmers in Himalica pilot sites in Ruma Upazila Farmers in AdaptHimal pilot see promise in beekeeping Cryosphere research capacity building in Afghanistan 28 Mar 2017

for AdaptHimal Initiative in Khagrachari, Bangladesh 23 Nov 2015 Water assessment in Tsirang, Bhutan 17 Nov 2015 Advocating for wetland conservation and management 12 Oct 2015 Community led Micro planning training in the HKH 12 Oct 2015

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