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significant sites along ‘Kailash Kora’, the outer walking route

SABAH Nepal, launched the ‘Kailash – Truly

Kailash sacred landscape covers more than 31,000 km2 geographical area and is spread across China, India, and Nepal. It exhibits diverse vegetation, starting from tropical forest at around 800m altitude to alpine steppe found at altitude higher than

Conservation area of Kailash landscape of Nepal was organised at a local level to raise public awareness on good management of local crop genetic resources, identify rare and unique species, promote

Site (UNESCO WHS) in the Kailash Sacred Landscape (KSL) by various governmental agencies in China, India, and Nepal. The

The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) in collaboration with Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Foundation and Central Himalayan Environment Association (CHEA) conducted two stakeholder-workshops to introduce

three of us travelled to Kailash Sacred Landscape (KSL), India - Uma Pratap, Binaya Pasakhala and Kamala Gurung. We were going to assess value chain niche products and facilitate bee keeping training with the Van Raji tribal groups,

The Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KSLCDI) has implemented different measures aimed at supporting local communities to handle waste and sanitation issues in Pulan County.

Tourism is booming in Pulan County. The traditional landscape of yak herders and agriculturalists in the southwest corner of the Tibeten Autonomous Region, China, is changing fast. Infrastructure development is keeping pace with increasing demands

Promoting tourism in parts of the HKH has emerged as a promising avenue for development, but one that requires careful attention to the landscapes in which communities hope to attract increasing numbers of travelers. While the increased tourist

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with support from ICIMOD’s Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KSLCDI), and GIZ organized a three-day Training of Trainers (ToT) communication session for yak and horse transportation teams in

03 Mar 2017 The Karakoram Anomaly: No change in the Karakoram glacier region since the 1970s 03 Mar 2017 Micro-planning Workshop Organized for Gups and Gewog Administrative Officers in Tsirang, Bhutan 03 Mar 2017 REDD+ promotes

off in Myanmar 01 Jun 2016 Kailash-Truly Sacred brand launched at 13th National Handicraft Exhibition 18 May 2016 Kailash Nepal Chapter launches brand ‘Kailash – Truly Sacred’ 11 May 2016 Enhancing data compilation and management

significant sites along ‘Kailash Kora’, the outer walking route around sacred Kailash Mountain. READ MORE Nepal’s Allo value chain goes green 08 Jun 2016 More and more products and services today pass through a global value chain

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