The Himalayan Conservation, Approaches and Technologies

A regional online platform for sharing knowledge and information among soil and water conservation partners with focus on information from Asia
  • How is HIMCAT related to WOCAT?
  • HIMCAT is an offspring from WOCAT a global public internet site on soil and water conservation.
  • HIMCAT does not replace the global WOCAT internet site. All general information about WOCAT, outputs and downloads remain accessible only via WOCAT
  • HIMCAT provides an additional platform of WOCAT focusing on the Asian region.
  • HIMCAT is a secure, moderated site accessible only to registered users who have been issued a user name and password.
  • HIMCAT users can post documents and add comments directly on the site and take part in discussions about issues and documents relevant to the Asian region. The system allows you to share information with colleagues and elicit feedback.
The main idea is to strengthen communication, cooperation and collaboration among soil and water conservation specialists in Asia and around the world.