Asia-Pacific Youth Forum on Climate Actions and Mountain Issues

Kathmandu, Nepal 
8 - 12 August 2011

Following the great success of youth focused events in recent years, including the Café Climate series, Graduate Conference 2010, and publication of the special issue of the Asia Pacific Mountain Courier on Youth and Climate Change, we are now pleased to announce the Youth Forum 2011 on Climate Actions and Mountain Issues. 

The Asia-Pacific Youth Forum 2011 is being held to celebrate the International Year of Youth 2010/11 and International Youth Day on 12 August. The Forum is another event in the series of youth activities designed to help build the next generation of leadership in sustainable mountain development and climate change adaptation in ICIMOD’s regional member countries. The event will take place in the context of the upcoming UNFCCC COP 17 meeting in December 2011 and Rio+20 meeting in 2012.

This landmark event will help youth develop and project its voice in environmental awareness raising and decision making. Attended by over 40 young people from ICIMOD’s eight regional member countries and the wider Asia-Pacific region selected from 1,050 applications, the event will focus on formulating policy recommendations for UNFCCC COP 17 and Rio+20, developing Asia-Pacific Youth’s position paper for Rio+20, and developing individual commitments and sustainability plans.

We hope this event will transform our existing network into a more vibrant and diverse one and link South Asian Youth with youth from the Central and Southeast Asian and Pacific regions, making the ICIMOD youth network a truly Asia-Pacific wide youth network. This network is expected to advocate the mountain agenda, climate change adaptation, and Rio+20 priority areas, and set a good tone for the contribution of young people to the Rio+20 meeting next year.

With the implementation of several activities in the recent past and many others planned for the near future, we hope to bring the International Year of Youth, August 2010 – August 2011, to a meaningful conclusion.

DG's Message

Our activities have helped youth build their knowledge and skills, find their voices, and share their ideas widely through ICIMOD and partner networks – both through online and offline means. We have provided a common and neutral platform for youth to discuss issues related to mountain development and climate change adaptation. We have enabled young people to attend international events on these topics, and most importantly we have helped them to form strong geographic and thematic groups and networks to advocate the mountain agenda and climate change adaptation at different scales.