Media corner

Media contact

ICIMOD works to ensure that all media requests are directed to the ICIMOD resource person(s) with the most relevant expertise and competency in the field of a media person’s interest. 

To do this ICIMOD requests that all media enquiries, including requests for interviews, are first directed to the Knowledge Management and Communication  (KMC)  staff  to further identify the appropriate researcher. For any enquiries please contact us at:


Phone: 1 5275222 (Ext: 115)


Color is among the most powerful brand signals and a key part of our visual brand identity. Our palette was inspired by the stunning visual diversity that makes up the HKH. Blue is our core primary color and should be used most frequently. Five additional primary colors provide the brand additional range and flexibility, yet also come together to create a simplified cohesive look and feel.



Hex: #036cb6 

CMYK: c90 m57 y0 k0 

RGB: r3 g108 b182 

Pantone C Bridge: 660 C 

Pantone U Bridge: 300 U


Hex: #49b449 

CMYK: c72 m1 y100 k0 

RGB: r73 g180 b73 

Pantone C Bridge: 360 C 

Pantone U Bridge: 368 U


Hex: #fdb714 

CMYK: c0 m31 y100 k0 

RGB: r253 g183 b20 

Pantone C Bridge: 1235 C 

Pantone U Bridge: 7406 U


Hex: #ed1a3b 

CMYK: c0 m100 y80 k0

 RGB: r237 g26 b59 

Pantone C Bridge: Red 032 C 

Pantone U Bridge: Red 032 U


Hex: #00acc6 

CMYK: c100 m0 y24 k0 

RGB: r0 g172 b198 

Pantone C Bridge: 3125 C 

Pantone U Bridge: 7467 U


Hex: #7f5b43 

CMYK: c62 m74 y90 k0 

RGB: r127 g91 b67 

Pantone C Bridge: 876 C 

Pantone U Bridge: 168 U

Logo usage guidelines

The ICIMOD logo is a simple, clean and versatile shape that subtly incorporates two of ICIMOD’s fundamental areas of concern: mountains and water. The ICIMOD letters are an acronym for “International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.” The logo has been specially drawn and should always be reproduced from the master artwork files.

In order to maintain the visual integrity of our logo, always be sure to include space around it.  A minimum equivalent to the size of the counter (enclosed space) of the “O” should be observed around the logo, and ensure that the logo is always scaled proportionally.

Using the Logo

To ensure brand consistency, it is important that the logo be used appropriately. Below are the three acceptable treatments for the ICIMOD mark: a black logo against a white background or a white logo against an ICIMOD primary color background; third, the logo may only be used on a photo when the image is uncluttered and the logo is still legible. 

White logo on any primary color background.

Black logo on white background 

White logo on a photo background

Blue logo on a white background

Maintaining our integrity 

Below are some examples of treatments to avoid when working with the logo.

Do not change the colors of the logo

Do not add to or delete elements in the logo

Do not add a drop shadow or filter effect

Do not stretch the logo    


Do not place the logo on an angle.

Do not place the color logo on a pattern, complex image, or color besides those designated for the ICIMOD brand

Note: More examples on ICIMOD guideline pdf file.

M Symbol

The M symbol can be presented in one of the primary brand colors. In addition, the symbol can be presented in white against a branded color box. Symbols can be used at the bottom corner of interior spreads of a publication with the folio. 

The spacing rules for the logo remain the same when using the “M” symbol. The spacing around the “M”, at a minimum, should be the height of the interior of  the ICIMOD “O”.