Presentation and Discussion on the Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing for Water Resources


As part of ICIMOD’s SERVIR-Himalaya collaboration with NASA, Dr Faisal Hossain, scientist with NASA ROSES (Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences) project and Associate Professor at the Tennessee Technological University, USA, will deliver a one-day presentation on current and emerging satellite systems for water resource management, satellite-based retrieval of geophysical parameters, modular satellite-based water resources, and hazard mapping and modelling. The presentation will be accompanied by a demonstration with sample datasets. Dr Hossain’s ROSES project is titled ‘Satellite-Based Early Warning, Mapping and Post-Disaster Visualization System for Water Resources of Low-Lying Deltas of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region’ and covers Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Apart from the presentations, he will also interact with ICIMOD officials to identify promising and critical areas of research for long-term scientific collaboration. This is Dr Hossain’s first visit to ICIMOD and he will continue collaboration with ICIMOD under the SERVIR-Himalaya framework in the future.