ICIMOD Study on Black Carbon Gets Support from Skoda


ICIMOD and the Skoda Division of MAW Enterprises Private Limited (MAW) have entered into a unique partnership with a common motive to improve air quality in Nepal and raise awareness of the source of black carbon and its negative health and environmental impacts. This one-year partnership will complement ICIMOD’s ongoing work related to black carbon and air pollution. Through the partnership, a total of 300 smoke-free cookstoves will be purchased and distributed to households in specific villages in Makwanpur District where the Patan Academy of Health Sciences is already conducting a health impact study. The Alternative Energy Promotion Center, an initiative of the Government of Nepal is also involved in the project. The health and air quality impacts of conventional and improved cookstoves will be compared by the partners, who will also gather experiences about effective cookstove distribution strategies. 

This study will contribute to the Atmosphere Initiative at ICIMOD, which began in 2012 with support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The initiative aims to address atmospheric issues in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region and has a particular focus on improving scientific knowledge and providing knowledge support for the formulation of policy that takes the transboundary nature of atmospheric issues into account. The initiative directs activities and research towards assessing problems and finding solutions for reducing black carbon and other air pollutants that can have immediate benefits for the people of the region.