ICIMOD's Mountain GeoPortal Uses ArcGIS Online to Enhance Geographic Information Services


ICIMOD’s Mountain GeoPortal provides a gateway for geographic information and knowledge resources to support mountain development policies and practices in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. The GeoPortal aims to facilitate the sharing, integration, and use of geographic information across a broad user-base, and consists of science applications, regional databases and standardized metadata, training and educational resources, interactive map services, and social networking components.

To enhance the services of the Mountain Geoportal, ICIMOD and ESRI, the maker of the ArcGIS geographic information system, have joined hands to host the services of the Mountain Geoportal on the ArcGIS Online platform. Through this platform, users will have access to a variety of maps and application services from which they can build their own value-added maps and applications and share those maps and applications with a wider audience. These geographical information resources can be accessed through http://icimod.maps.arcgis.com.