SERVIR Demand Team Visits ICIMOD


The SERVIR Demand Team visited ICIMOD on 21 January to help develop a deeper understanding of SERVIR Himalaya’s perspectives on the opportunities and challenges in implementing the SERVIR programme in the region and meeting the demands for SERVIR geospatial information products and services in a sustainable fashion. During the visit, the SERVIR Demand Team met with other ICIMOD programme teams and worked to develop concrete plans to address SERVIR Himalaya’s priority focus areas for support in line with ICIMOD’s strategic priorities. 

The trip further developed the relationship the SERVIR Demand Team has been building with the SERVIR-Himalaya Team since the SERVIR Summit in Huntsville, Alabama, US in October. Following the discussion in the SERVIR Summit, the Demand Team provided support in five key areas for the implementation of SERVIR:

  • User engagement
  • Outreach and communications
  • Impact monitoring and assessment
  • Small grants for innovation
  • Sustainability
The visit also provided the SERVIR Demand Team with an opportunity to engage with the SERVIR user community. In addition to meeting and discussion at ICIMOD, the team had meetings at the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation; National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC), Ministry of Home Affairs; National Information Technology Centre (NITC); Ministry of Agriculture Development; Department of Hydrology and Metrology; and USAID–Nepal.