Statement for Press Conference: Bhutan+10 - Dr Eklabya Sharma

19 Oct 2012


The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) is committed to ‘gender transformative change and impact’ in the coming years through its programmes in its regional member countries of the greater Himalayas.

ICIMOD sees the following five areas that should receive top priority in the future agenda for gender transformative change:

  1. Attention to gender is needed at the highest policy levels in the region.
  2. The specific conditions of mountains must be considered, including socio-cultural conditions and the mountain ecosystems on which mountain people are dependent.
  3. Gender transformative change should be viewed both in terms of positions for women and conditions of mountain farmers – women, men, and children. Targets must be set for visible impacts.
  4. Men’s out-migration has resulted in the feminization of agriculture and natural resource management in the mountains of the greater Himalayas; therefore feminization-related issues should receive special attention in terms of addressing the issues of the mountains.
  5. Networking among the institutions, organizations, and countries and across the mountain regions of the world, and engagement of the media for awareness raising and achieving gender transformative change is extremely important.

ICIMOD is committed to implement the outcomes of this conference in its future programming and is ready to take on the facilitation role for the ‘Women, Gender, Environment, and Mountains’ (WGEM) network launched today.

ICIMOD will build its programme on gender with four pillars: (a) action-oriented gender integration and focused research; (b) gender-positive organizational change; (c) capacity strengthening and women’s leadership within the centre and with the partners in the region; and (d) gender-inclusive policy and partnership.

Finally, ICIMOD envisages the organization of Bhutan+20 ten years from now to assess impacts in gender transformative change and update the targets set for the future.

ICIMOD would like to thank the Royal Government of Bhutan, the sponsors and participants for the successful completion of this conference. The role that the media have played in covering the conference and sharing it to people of Bhutan and the outside world is highly appreciated.

Dr Eklabya Sharma
Director Programme Operations

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