ICIMOD Hosts First Green Solutions Fair at ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari

07 Jan 2013

To celebrate International Mountain Day (11 December) and ICIMOD Day (5 December), the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari opened its doors to the public for the first Green Solutions Fair. The event, held on 8 December, showcased green technologies and demonstrated sustainable farming practices and other innovative practices for income-generation that have been adopted by communities in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. ICIMOD partners and members of the private sector were also on site to share green technologies that they have developed or adopted. 

Some major activities at the event included the following: 

Presentation of first ICIMOD Green Champion Award

Dr David Molden, Director General, presented Taramani Khatiwada with the first ICIMOD Green Champion award for his vision and leadership in sharing knowledge and promoting kiwi farming and other green solutions in eastern Nepal. Khatiwada was among the first to introduce kiwi cultivation in Ilam District of Nepal after learning kiwi farming techniques at the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari. He has also actively promoted the production of bio-briquettes, mushroom cultivation, and the use of organic fertilizers in the district. 

Cycle rally for ‘Green living, Healthy living’

With support from ICIMOD, the World Cyclist Foundation Nepal (WCFN) organized a cycle rally from the Nepal Tourism Board office to the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari during the Green Solutions Fair. 

The cycle rally, which promoted green modes of transportation and healthy living, attracted about 275 cycling enthusiasts from all walks of life for  the ride to Godavari, passing through small towns such as Hattiban, Harisiddhi, and Badegaun. Dr David Molden, Director General of ICIMOD, welcomed the cyclists at the entrance to the Knowledge Park. 

Eco-friendly tours

Eco-friendly tours around the Knowledge Park led visitors to different demonstration sites to observe different technologies, including a flood early warning system, kiwi fruit and Shitake mushroom cultivation, sloping agricultural land technology, water harvesting pond, renewable energy technologies, a range of medicinal plants, apiculture, and animal husbandry.  ICIMOD experts and volunteers were employed at different sites to brief visitors.

Green Market 

Organic products from neighboring villages in Godavari and the ICIMOD Knowledge Park, including kiwi, kumquat, and cardamom, were available for purchase at a green marketplace . 

Documentary and Mountain Quiz Show 

ICIMOD-produced documentaries matching the theme ‘Green Solutions’ shown during the event included ‘REDD+ for Green Communities’, ‘Kiwi Farming in Ilam, Nepal’, ‘ Bio-briquettes – An Innovative Livelihood Option’ and ‘Mountain Men and Women Adapting to Climate Change- A Photo Story from Nepal’. Each was followed by a short interaction session wherein visitors were asked to express their views or queries on the documentary and representatives from ICIMOD were present to answer them. Other screenings included ‘A Cloud Over The Roof of The World’, ‘Revealed: Himalayan Meltdown’, and ‘Home’. 

Between screenings, the audience was quizzed on topics related to mountaineering, mountain biodiversity, ICIMOD, mountain culture, and other mountain issues. In total, more than 75 questions were asked, each accompanied by a visual clue flashed on screen. Prizes were given to correct answers.

Children's Drawing Competition

An open, children's drawing competition on two themes – My environment, my responsibility and My ideas about renewable energy – encouraged children to draw ideas from what they observed at the Knowledge Park. A panel of four judges selected two winners in each category: Santosh Sundash from Vajra Academy School  and Sneha Shakya from the British School received first and second prize for the 10-12 year-old group, and Asahi Lama from Kantipur English High School and Shervhani Manandhar from Premier International School received first and second prize for the 6-9 year-old group. 

Private sector companies showcasing green products and technologies 

As ICIMOD pursues greater engagement with the private sector in sustainable mountain development activities, the Green Solutions Fair provided 11 private sector companies, local, regional, as well as multi-national in scale, a venue to display their green products and technologies to a diverse audience. 

Smart Power Private Limited showcased green solar energy products by connecting them to appliances and other electronic devices and One Earth Design demonstrated its SolSource product, a lightweight solar energy device that provides users with a low-cost and portable means of cooking, heating and electricity generation. Third Wave Power Private Limited presented the mPowerpad, the first portable multi-function solar charger that provides power instantly. A Reva electric car, which can also operate using solar energy, was displayed by Mahendra Agni Incorporated. 

Cosmic Electrical Engineering Associates Private Limited, one of the few wind power companies in Nepal, showcased a wind turbine as a green energy alternative. Housing and Hydro Services Company Limited presented micro-hydropower turbines with examples of how they are being used in remote parts of Nepal to generate electricity for rural mountain communities. Wide arrays of herbal and medicinal products from Nepal and India were exhibited by Dabur Nepal Limited. Members of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI), including the Agro Enterprise Center and Nepal Herbal and Herbs Products Association, also hosted stalls. Laxmi Bank Limited demonstrated an eco-conscious savings account that rewards customers who embrace environmentally friendly personal banking habits and pledges to plant a tree for every Green Savings account opened. 

ICIMOD Knowledge Park at GodavariPresentation of first ICIMOD Green Champion AwardCycle rally for ‘Green living, Healthy living’Documentary and Mountain Quiz ShowChildren's Drawing CompetitionPrivate sector companies showcasing green products and technologies