National Youth Forum on Green Solutions in Nepal

A National Youth Forum on Green Solutions in Nepal was held in Kathmandu, Nepal, 6–8 December. Under ICIMOD’s Youth for Sustainable Mountain Development (Y4SMD) initiative, the forum was organized by Safe Environment Nepal-Youth 4 Conservation (SEN-Y4C) – an organization led by ICIMOD Youth Ambassadors – in collaboration with Eco-Friends Nepal (EFN). The event saw participation from over 40 youth from districts across the country.

The three-day forum provided a platform for Nepalese youth to gain greater understanding of the theoretical concepts and underlying practical issues related to green economy in Nepal and to discuss the possibilities of developing environmental entrepreneurship and to expand the network of like-minded people. In his keynote address, Dr Golam Rasul, Programme Manager at ICIMOD and green economy expert, highlighted the importance of green economy in mountainous countries and emphasized the need for establishing a strong link between water, food, and energy. During the forum, participants interacted with notable scientists and green entrepreneurs, and were briefed on vermicomposting and ecotourism projects. Through group exercises, participants also presented their vision for a cleaner country post-2015. The forum culminated with the participants attending the ICIMOD Green Solutions Fair at the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari where they had the opportunity to interact with environmental entrepreneurs. Participants with the best posters submitted to a poster contest during the Youth Forum were awarded at the Green Solutions Fair by Dr David Molden, Director General of ICIMOD. Awards for posters were given to Prizma Ghimire, Nirmal Jnawali, Kanchan Upadhyay, Laxman Kandel, and Prachan Bhujel.