The water resources in the Koshi Basin are developed and managed in a regionally coordinated manner for the wellbeing of the people and considering the sustainability of ecosystem services.


To contribute to inclusive poverty reduction in the Koshi Basin by evaluating the range of possible water related development pathways through evidence based decision making and basin-wide cooperation considering climate change, hazards and the provision of sustainable freshwater ecosystem services.


  • Support evidence-based policy interventions through the development of knowledge on how climatic and socioeconomic drivers effect ecosystem services and the livelihoods of dependent populations (Components 1, 2 and 3). 
  • Develop and test actionable and appropriate adaptation pilots and livelihood strategies to address the increasing impacts of change on ecosystem goods and services at local, national and regional scales  (Component 4). 
  • Contribute to developing an enabling environment for policy and decision makers to create integrated, innovative, equitable, inclusive, and effective responses to protect and manage river basin ecosystems and to reduce poverty in the frame of integrated natural resources management and improved basin-wide cooperation  
    (Component 5).