National Workshop to Orient Beekeeping Trainers on New Resource Manual Printed in Nepali


ICIMOD, in collaboration with the Beekeeping Development Section of the Department of Agriculture of Nepal, organized a national workshop to orient beekeeping trainers on a newly published resource manual to make their training sessions with farmers more effective. The workshop presented the resource manual, which has been translated and published in Nepali, to the trainers and demonstrated its use in order to ensure that the manual is utilized and that it has a quick impact at the ground level. 

Thirty participants representing trainers (including four women trainers), training organizers, and extension workers took part in the workshop. The orientation session was divided into two parts: overview of the manual’s preparation and key aspects including the basic structure, useful resource materials, and types of visuals; and presentation of key aspects and tips to make training more effective. The training was held in Godavari, Kathmandu, Nepal, on 30 August.

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