Koshi Basin Programme Inception Workshop Emphasizes Impact Pathways


ICIMOD conducted an inception workshop for a new programme in the Koshi River basin with representatives of regional partners and international organizations in Kathmandu, Nepal, 3–5 September. The workshop brought together participants from China, Nepal, India, and Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) who have been involved in proposal development during the preparatory phase, as well as representatives from other interested regional and international partners. The workshop’s objectives were to share and discuss a tentative work plan for the Koshi Basin Programme, to forge operational and strategic partnerships, and to initiate impact pathway analysis to integrate the concept of impact into the programme planning. Impact pathway exercises conducted during the workshop will feed directly into programme planning and will help develop an integrated vision, strategies for change, and an impact pathway model for the Koshi Basin Programme. In the coming months an Inception Workshop Report will be prepared, which finalizes the work plan for 2013 and integrates impact pathways into the overall programme planning. 

During the workshop, presentations and discussions were held on the state of the current knowledge and key issues in the Koshi basin and the draft work plan. Analysis of impact pathways in the current work plan was conducted through a series of group work exercises where network maps were developed to identify the main actors and relationships currently in place and those needed to achieve the programme’s vision. Outcome logic tables helped identify strategies the programme could implement to achieve changes in knowledge, attitude, skills and practices for particular actors needed to realize the programme’s vision in terms of impact. This process aimed to extend the impacts of the programme beyond its lifetime by integrating impact pathways into the initial programme planning.

The overall goal of the first phase of the Koshi Basin Programme, which is funded by AusAID, is to enhance professional and technical cooperation on water and hazard risk management to minimize impacts on people and livelihoods. The area of the Koshi Basin Programme covers parts of the basin in China, India, and Nepal and spans from the Tibetan Plateau across the plains of the Terai until the Koshi River’s confluence with the Ganges River.