Gender and Sustainable Mountain Development in a Changing World

International Conference

Thimphu, Bhutan
15-19 October 2012

Paper Guidelines

Authors should take into account the following:

  • Manuscripts must be organized in the following sequence, with continuous pagination (no page breaks): Abstract (250 words) /Keywords (six words), Author Biography (150 words each) Acknowledgements (up to 150 words), Main Text, References, Endnotes, Figures, Maps, Tables, Appendices).
  • On the cover page, include the paper's title, lead author, and all authors names and affiliations including email addresses; also indicate the main author who will present at the conference and serve as the contact throughout the review and editorial processes.  Contact details must be kept up to date by the corresponding author.
  • Papers should be a minimum of 6,000 words but should not exceed 8,000. 
  • Text of the papers should be double spaced, and use 11-12 point font in Times Roman.
  • Referencing should be double-spaced and include all works cited in the paper (and only these works); please refer to referencing guidelines below.
  • Endnotes (not footnotes) should be double-spaced and designated numerically in sequence.
  • Placement of Figures and Figures within the text should be clearly indicated (e.g., Figure 1 here, or Table 1 here). Figures should be clearly labelled by number, with the caption positioned above the Figure, not below it.
  • Appendices can be included when appropriate (but must remain within the 8,000 word limit).
  • All papers must be written in English and submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  • Papers will be shared on the Bhutan+10 website.
  • A selection of top-rated papers based on reviews by the senior scientific advisory committee and peers will be considered for further publication in a peer-reviewed journal and/or edited book.
  • Papers should be submitted to the following conference email: , with the heading Bhutan+10 Paper Submission by (add SURNAME of author).
  • Authors are invited to contact conference organizers using the following email:  
  • Submission deadline: 30 September 2012

Guide for References

In the Text

  • References in the text are written as (author date; author date) – both names for a publication by two authors, first author plus ‘et al.’ for more than two authors, no comma between authors and date, semi-colon between two publications, comma before page number if given. 
  • Multiple references within a single bracket should be written in ascending order of dates. 

    Examples: (Smith 1968) (Liu and Stevens 1987; Thapa et al. 2006; Ale 2010) (Ricardo 2004, pp 23-25) 

Reference List

  • Authors’ names unpunctuated (no full stop after initials and no space between initials); semi-colon between authors;  no ‘and’ before last author. 
  • Year in parentheses; no full stop.


Smith, AB (2010) Agricultural practices in Nepal. Kathmandu: Society for Agriculture

Book in series 

Dani, A; Gibbs, CJN; Bromley, DW (1987) Institutional development for local
      management of rural resources, Workshop report No 2. Hawaii: East-West
      nvironment and Policy Institute

Book also available online

Saywell, D; Cotton, A (1999) Spreading the word. Loughborough: Loughborough
      University, Water Engineering Development Centre. (accessed 7
      January 2008)
      [if no www, use format

Chapter in book

Shrestha, PK (1998) ‘Gene, gender and generation: Role of traditional seed
      supply systems in the maintenance of agrobiodiversity in Nepal.’ In Partap,
      T; Sthapit, B (eds) Managing agrobiodiversity (1st edn), pp 143-152.
      Kathmandu: ICIMOD

Institutional publication

HMGN (1991) Statistical yearbook. Kathmandu: His Majesty’s Government of
      Nepal, Central Bureau of Statistics  

Journal article

Das, KN (1968) 'Soil erosion and the problems of silting in the Koshi catchment.'
      Journal of Soil and Water Conservation in India 16: 60-67

Paper presented at workshop

Joshi, AL (1993) Effects on administration of changed policies. Paper presented
      at the workshop on Policy and Legislation in Community Forestry, Regional
      Community Forestry Training Center (RECOFTC), 27-29 January 1993,
      Bangkok, Thailand


Laurie, WA (1978) The ecology and behaviour of the greater one-horned
. PhD thesis, University of Cambridge, Cambridge 

Report (unpublished) submitted to an organisation

Suwal, RN (1993) Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve: Conservation issues and
      management measures
, survey report submitted to IUCN-Nepal,
      Kathmandu, Nepal

Newspaper article (author)

Popham, B (1987) 'Saving the future'. Weekend Australian Magazine, 7-8
      February, p 10

Newspaper article (no author)

Weekend Australian Magazine (1987) ‘Saving the tigers.’ Weekend Australian
, 7-8 February, p 10 

Web document published only online (author)

Smith, A (2010) Marketing for small business [online].
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Web document published only online (publisher, no author)

ICIMOD (no date) Climate Change [online].
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Web document published only online (no author, no publisher)

Marketing for small business [online] (no date) (accessed
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