ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari Opening Doors for Private Sector Investment


Private sector partnerships have become an important part of enhancing the activities and facilities of the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari. Businesses that invest in and support the Knowledge Park will gain opportunities for co-branding with ICIMOD, recognition in various attractive ways, access to the park, and other special benefits. Sponsorship packages have been developed in gold, silver, and bronze partnerships, offering specific recognition and benefits for varying levels of financial contributions. 

The ICIMOD Knowledge Park, located on the southern slopes of the Kathmandu valley in Nepal, was established in 1993 on 30 hectares of land provided by the Government of Nepal. The site provides a practical venue for testing sustainable technologies and farming practices and demonstrating them to the region’s people – farmers, researchers, students, development practitioners, and civic leaders – so they can develop the means to adapt to the impacts of change. Activities are carried out in the areas of renewable energy technologies; water, vegetation, and soil management; livestock and aquaculture; income generation; biodiversity conservation; training; and community outreach.The Knowledge Park also serves as a repository for important biodiversity resources. Each year the park attracts over 5,000 visitors.