ICIMOD Himalaya – Changing Landscapes Photo Series Exhibited in Toyama Prefecture, Japan

The latest installment of ICIMOD’s Himalaya – Changing Landscapes photo exhibition, which has been organized in different parts of Japan, was held at Tateyama Caldera Sabo Museum, Toyama Prefecture, Japan 1–24 September 2012. The museum is situated at the foot of Tateyama Caldera, an active volcano in the North Alps of Japan. The series of exhibitions has been coordinated by Ken Ichiro Noda, a member of the Himalaya Adventure Trust – Japan.

The exhibition was held as part of the museum’s Glacier and Permanent Snow programme, which showcases the discovery of three glaciers in the North Alps of Japan where it was previously believed that glaciers didn't exist. The programme has attracted attention from glaciologists around the world. A lot of interest in the photo series has been generated among visitors, and the translation of photo captions into Japanese further helped convey the message clearly.