Perceived Economic Situation and Political Influence

Brief Information

This section looks at household perceptions of their economic situation and the influence they have over political decision making processes


A small percentage (27.5%) of the households surveyed, most of which were from Gorkha, Jajarkot, and Sankhuwashava, believed it was easy to influence decision making processes at the local level. The percentage of households that felt it was easy to influence decision making processes at a higher level was even smaller (9.9%). Only 12.4% of the surveyed households reported an improvement in their ability to influence political decision making processes. 

Just over 35% of the households reported improvements in their economic situation. Households in Sankhuwashava perceived their economic situation to be relatively poor compared to other districts with only 28% of households there reporting an improvement in the economic situation and 63% of the households reporting that there were no options available for their economic betterment.

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