Access to Services and Institution

Brief Information

This section charts the accessibility of households to various services and institutions including the time taken to reach various services and institutions and the mode of transport households used.


Among the nine districts, it generally took households longer to reach banks, hospitals, and bus stops than primary schools and local shops. 

On average, it took households in Saptari and Kailali the shortest amount of time to access various services and institutions and households in Humla the longest. The most widely used mode of transport in Humla was a mule/pony/yak/other animal or on foot. In Saptari and Kailali, in addition to travelling on foot, travelling by bicycle/rickshaw, motorcycle/tempo, car/bus, or a combination of various modes of transport were also popular. Differences in the mode of transport may account for variations in the time taken to reach various services and institutions.

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