ICIMOD: New challenges, new look


ICIMOD opened on Monday 15th September with a new look, new website and new design for publications. In 2008, ICIMOD introduced a new Strategic Framework to guide the Centre’s activities and help it meet the growing challenges for sustainable and equitable development, and respond to the growing need for adaptation to climate change. A ‘new look’ has now been developed to support the new orientation and way of working. 

The clear new look underscores ICIMOD’s belief in flexibility with consistency, and diversity within a common framework. It reflects the need to reduce the complexities of development thinking and focus on clarity and simplicity within a complex field. The logo highlights the focus on mountains and the importance of environment and water for the people of the region.

The website www.icimod.org has been re-structured to facilitate knowledge sharing and support ICIMOD’s regional role as a platform and a hub. It offers an overview of our new strategy, and programmes and activities, and an introduction to the themes and topics that are most important for the people of the region. The information is presented more logically so the user has a simpler homepage with fewer choices. The new website will help ICIMOD in its efforts to focus on communicating efficiently and provide easy access to the data, information, and knowledge being compiled and developed to help the people of the region.