Pradeep Man Dangol

Senior Research Associate

Water and Air

Pradeep Man Dangol is a Research Associate under the Water and Air Thematic Area at ICIMOD. Mr Dangol has a background in hydrometeorology and water resource management. He received his Master's degree in Hydrometeorology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He worked as a database manager and researcher in the field of hydrometeorology and soil and water conservation in ICIMOD’s field-based watershed management project and was involved in the field of atmospheric pollution as a field data analyst for the Atmospheric Brown Cloud Project and the Malé Declaration on Control and Prevention of Air Pollution and Its Likely Transboundary Effects for South Asia.
Before joining ICIMOD, Mr Dangol worked as a lecturer at Tribhuvan University and as a consultant hydrometeorologist for a hydropower project. He has a decade of experience in the fields of watershed management, hydrometeorology, soil and water conservation, and atmospheric pollution and has published many research papers and articles.