Govinda Joshi

SSA - Programme Coordinator : Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

Strategic Cooperation

Govinda Joshi has over 25 years of professional experience in the field of cartography, geographic information system (GIS) applications, capacity building, building Participatory 3-Dimensional Models (P3DMs), and surveying. He is a GIS Specialist in the Mountain Environment Natural Resources’ Information Systems (MENRIS) and looks after the Mountain Geo-network Metadata System of ICIMOD, which is available to all GIS users. He also looks after all activities related to geo information in Afghanistan. For the last seven years, Mr Joshi has been the General Secretary of Nepal GIS Society. Prior to joining ICIMOD, he was a cartographer with more than eight years professional experience in the Topographic Survey Branch, Government of Nepal in Kathmandu. He obtained his Diploma in Cartography from Switzerland and completed a Senior Surveyor’s Course in Nepal. He was awarded the ICIMOD Spirit Award in 1997 for excellent performance in taking initiative.