Nawraj Pradhan

HI LIFE India Coordinator, NRM Specialist

Ecosystem Services

Nawraj Pradhan has twelve years professional work experience in Australia and South Asia including a mix of work on programme and project management, technical experiences on Himalayan springshed management, climate change adaptation, ecosystem services, environmental impact assessments, and corporate social responsibility. Currently, he is involved in the overall programme planning, partnership development, implementation and management of a transboundary collaborative programme - Kailash Sacred Landscape — signed under regional cooperation between China, India and Nepal in close coordination with supporting partner agencies (GIZ and DFID), and partner institutions. On the technical side Pradhan is involved in applied research in understanding springs and the reasons for their drying within the Himalayan context. He is focused on two springs research initiatives within ICIMOD, HI-AWARE and KSLCDI. His mission is trying to fill the huge data gap in understanding the nature and significance of springs systems which represent almost 90% of drinking water supply in the region.

Pradhan's practical experience in the field includes working with diverse rural communities on a range of current ecosystem and especially on spring water management issues. Trained as a researcher, he is now designing and executing participatory approaches and methodologies on valuation of ecosystem services and spring hydrogeology related to water management. Pradhan has published articles, research briefs, and has presented in international conferences, forums and networks on innovative ecosystem management, climate change adaptation approaches, and springshed management. 

Nawraj holds a master’s in Environmental Management specializing in law & policy from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Nawraj has an ardent love for photography and trekking, thus enriching his work in the field by capturing landscapes, people and their cultures.