Madhav Prasad Dhakal

Hydrological Analyst

Water and Air

Mr Madhav Dhakal has a background in hydrometeorology and water resource management. He worked as a researcher in the field of hydrometeorology and soil and water conservation from 1997 to 2005 in ICIMOD’s field-based watershed management project. In January 2008, he rejoined ICIMOD as a Research Associate in Soil and Water Conservation. Before joining ICIMOD, Mr Dhakal worked as a lecturer at Tribhuvan University, as a consultant for GTZ in Tibet, the European Union in Bhutan, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)/ICIMOD in North East India. He has about 13 years experience and has published many research papers and articles in the field of watershed management, hydrometeorology, soil and water conservation and management, and participatory on-farm action research. Mr Dhakal received his Master's degree in Hydrometeorology from Tribhuvan University in Nepal.