Sharad Prasad Joshi

Cryosphere Analyst

Water and Air

Sharad P. Joshi is a Research Associate in ICIMOD’s Integrated Water and Hazard Management (IWHM) programme. He holds a Diploma in Cartography GIS and Mapping from ITC, the Netherlands, and a Degree in Business Management from Nepal. Mr Joshi has over 18 years of experience in the field study of glaciers, glacial lakes, and glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs), as well as in geographic information system (GIS)/remote sensing (RS) mapping, with special experience in the inventorying of glaciers, glacial lakes, and GLOFs in Nepal, Bhutan, and other countries in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region. He also gained experience in the field of water resources while working as an engineer for the Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS), Nepal.