23–24 April: National Workshop on Establishing a Quality Assurance System for Honey in Bangladesh


ICIMOD in collaboration with its partners – the Bangladesh Institute of Apiculture (BIA), Dhaka; the Ethnic Community Development Organization (ECO), Bandarban; Adivasi Shikhya Kaaj (ASHIKA), Rangamati; and Parbattiya Jumia Punarbashan Paribesh Sangrakkhan (PAJURECO), Khagrachari – organized a two-day national workshop on establishing a quality assurance system for the honey trade in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 23–24 April 2012. The workshop facilitated the establishment of a honey quality assurance system and a supply chain for honey products from Bangladesh to gain access to national and international markets. 

A total of 30 participants from 12 districts representing 21 key national organizations, NGOs, and the private sector discussed the opportunities and challenges to honey production and trade in the country and the issues related to the status of policy processes for the honey trade. This workshop led to the development of a future programme for establishing a honey quality system. It was agreed to form a working group representing key stakeholders who will review and prepare a national document covering critical aspects like legislation, national honey standards, and the status of good practices of the country, and also to advocate for creation of a legislative committee to initiate the process for establishing a honey quality assurance system.