23 May 2012: Gender Audit at ICIMOD


In March, senior gender auditor and gender expert Dr Eva Rathgeber conducted ICIMOD’s first gender audit. Various data collection methods were used to make the audit comprehensive and participatory, including literature reviews, individual interviews, discussion with senior management, a review of 10 selected project documents to assess gender integration, an online survey, focus group discussions, and personal observations. Staff members representing a cross-section of disciplines, gender, age, professions, and nationalities were involved in the process.

Dr Rathgeber presented the findings of the audit to ICIMOD staff on 23 March. She found that significant progress has been made within ICIMOD towards gender equity. Although gender equity is accepted as a fundamental goal for most ICIMOD staff members, there is still a need to review some of ICIMOD’s policies and procedures, like the organization’s masculine model of recruitment, and improve knowledge on gender issues among staff members. There is also a need for greater integration of gender into programmatic work with partners.

These findings will play a large role in programmatic and organizational transformation, improving the integration and institutionalization of gender issues in ICIMOD’s organizational systems and programmes as well as those of ICIMOD partners.