7 June 2012: ICIMOD Special Board of Governors and Programme Advisory Committee meeting, Pokhara, Nepal


A special Board of Governors (BOG) meeting was held in Pokhara on 7 June 2012 to discuss and get consent on the revised draft ICIMOD Strategic Framework, and also to agree on the major objectives of ICIMOD’s Regional Programmes for the preparation of the Medium Term Action Plan (MTAP)-III for 2013 to 2017. The consultation process undertaken over the last six months to revise the Strategic Framework was highly appreciated. 

The revised Draft Strategic Framework was presented to the Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) by Dr David Molden and approved with some inputs. The outcomes and outputs of the Regional Programmes and monitoring frameworks were also presented and discussed. The PAC recommended the way forward for developing the Strategic Framework and MTAP-III.

At the BOG meeting, Dr Molden shared an overview of ICIMOD’s progress over the last six months, including the Strategic Framework and change management process. The board appreciated the Strategic Framework and programme orientation and gave a green light for further development. The Strategic Framework and MTAP-III will be formally presented to the board for approval at its regular meeting to be held in Myanmar in November.