11 June: National Workshop on Establishing National Quality Assurance System for Honey in Nepal


In collaboration with the Beekeeping Development Section of the Department of Agriculture in Nepal, one of ICIMOD’s national partner organizations, a one-day national workshop to facilitate discussion about the status and steps needed to establish a honey quality assurance system and a honey supply chain in Nepal was organized 11 June 2012 at the Hotel View Bhrikuti in Godavari. Thirty-one stakeholders participated in the workshop, including representatives from beekeepers’ associations, federations, and cooperatives, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and private sector organizations. Mrs Jiwan Prabha Lama, Director General of the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) in the Ministry of Agriculture, delivered the lead lecture, Establishing National Quality Assurance System for Honey in Nepal: Status and Further Steps, which formed the basis for further discussion. Gaps, weaknesses, and places for improvement in various elements of the National Honey Quality Assurance System were identified, and responsibility was assigned to the concerned bodies to make these improvements. A commitment relating to the production of good practice guidelines and the honey value chain was also prepared. These measures should help honey products from Nepal gain greater access to national and international markets.