David James Molden

Director General


Dr David James Molden is the Director General of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) an intergovernmental knowledge organization dedicated to mountains and people of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region.  Dr Molden is a research for development specialist with expertise in water resources management and sustainable mountain development, with an interest in integrating social, technical, and environmental aspects of natural resources management. He has experience in leading and implementing development and research work across Asia and Africa. At ICIMOD he has promoted transdisciplinary research and development programmes aimed at improving livelihoods, sustaining ecosystems and promoting regional cooperation in fields such as climate change, the cryospshere,  adaptation and resilience building , ecosystem management,  atmospheric pollution, water resource management, information systems, and a Himalayan University Consortium. 

Prior to joining ICIMOD he was the Deputy Director General for Research at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) based in Sri Lanka. He has contributed to the publication of over 200 works in various forms including books, refereed journals, research and project reports, news media, and educational materials. He has received many awards including the Outstanding Scientist Award of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) in 2009.