Value Chain Approach for Mountain Development in Uttarakhand, India 

In light of the experience gained in implementing VC pilots in Uttarakhand, both GIZ-Regional Economic Development (RED) and ICIMOD will share their experiences in the areas of High Value Product and Services (HVPS) value chains to prepare a publication. With a focus on pro poor, environmentally sustainable and inclusive economic development of mountain people the work will consider VCs where both the agencies have in depth experience. Targeted at the policy makers, donors and researchers it will highlight the evidence based experiences in developing an economic and social environment where local micro and small enterprises as well as poor population organized in user group’s benefit from improved facilitation and coordination of VC activities. It will highlight the impacts of access to services, skills, technology and information, policy readjustments and market oriented strategies in Uttarakhand. The publication will discuss the need and imperative of pro-poor upgrading strategies and VC governance by adapting them to the mountain specificities. A set of recommendations on pro poor VC programme development and implementation will be provided for policy makers and donors.  


1 Year (1 January 2012 - 31 December 2012)

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Uttarakhand, India

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