26 March 2012: Street Drama, ‘Prakriti Prem’, Goes Online

Last year, in celebration of International Mountain Day (11 December), Mandapika Art Group staged a street drama entitled Prakriti Prem (Nature Love) at ICIMOD’s Headquarters <http://www.icimod.org/?q=4479>. The drama enacts the conflict between humankind and nature and stresses the need to conserve forests and mountains. It was restaged for the public at Ratna Park in the heart of Kathmandu on 11 January 2012 for an audience of more than 500 people. This drama is now available on YouTube <http://youtu.be/9jWYwU-_59s> with subtitles in English and German. It has also been produced on DVD; limited copies are available on request from ICIMOD’s distribution unit at distri@icimod.org.