Hindu Kush Himalayan Cryosphere Data Sharing Policy Workshop


ICIMOD, in collaboration with partners, wishes to strengthen its role as a Regional Cryosphere Knowledge Hub for sharing and disseminating cryosphere related data and information. In order to achieve this, ICIMOD is facilitating the development of a network of institutions in the region, as well as beyond the region, for regular interaction, to share and disseminate cryospheric data and information in a collaborative way. ICIMOD is thus organizing the Workshop on Hindu Kush Himalayan Cryosphere Data Sharing Policy, with the support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Regional Environment Office – South Asia, US Embassy, Kathmandu, following the International Conference on Cryosphere of the Hindu Kush Himalayas: State of the Knowledge.

The objective of the workshop is to build a network of interested partners from ICIMOD’s regional member countries and international institutions to discuss modalities for data and knowledge exchange. The workshop will discuss data requirements of regional and international institutions and organizations in terms of content, format, and possible means of sharing. In the long term, it is hope d that the Regional Cryosphere Knowledge Hub will contribute to regional and international platforms and strategies.