14 December 2011: Promoting Herbal Gardens in Schools: Broadening Support for the Initiative in Nepal


A workshop on Promoting Herbal Gardens in Schools: Broadening Support for the Initiative in Nepal was organised by ICIMOD on 14th December  to further strengthen the foundation of the Herbal Gardens in Schools initiative (HGI).The aim was to share the essence of the initiative among a wider audience; to link Environmental Camps For Conservation Awareness (ECCA), the Initiative’s partner in Nepal, with possible sponsors and supporters; and to bring all sectors of stakeholders on board to promote and scale up the initiative to as many schools in Nepal as possible. 

Some 40 participants, representing government and non-government organisations, schools, diplomatic missions, academic institutions, the private sector, and civil society, took part in the workshop discussions. ICIMOD’s Director General emphasised that such initiatives should be carried out and diversified by every sector to preserve our national heritage. He added that ICIMOD will make its best efforts to create such ideas and join hands with like-minded organisations in society. The high value products team leader highlighted the trajectory of the initiative and noted that it was gaining the necessary acceptance from different organisations in Nepal. The initiative is now being taken to Bhutan where it will be adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture. The ECCA coordinator shared the plans for 2012 and beyond to take up the operational charges of the initiative. He urged the participants to join their hands in support. Mr Janardan Nepal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal, congratulated the group on the success of the pilot initiative, and expressed his commitment to include the initiative in the Ministry’s annual plans and schools curriculum. Later, participants visited Annal Jyoti Bidhya Mandir’s herbal garden, and heard from students about their efforts and what they had learned through the initiative.