1 and 3 February 2012: ICIMOD elsewhere at DSDS


Dr David Molden, ICIMOD’s Director General, spoke at a special session on ‘Water – Our Vital Commons’ on 3 February at the 12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) in New Delhi. He highlighted the impact of climate change on the amount of snow and ice in the Himalayas, and the implications for and uncertainty about the volume and seasonality of water supply in the future. 

ICIMOD also participated in a side event on ‘Women and the Green Economy’ on 1 February, hosted by TERI and the Earth Day Network. Dr Ritu Verma, Head of ICIMOD’s Gender and Governance Division, gave a presentation on the role of women’s leadership in prioritising sustainability and green economic development. She emphasised the importance of paying increased attention to gender issues and equality in environment and sustainability debates, especially to make a difference to the poorest sections of society.