10 October 2011: P3-DM in Chamkar Valley, Bumthang


ICIMOD organised a training/ workshop and built a P3-DM in joint collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF), Bhutan and MENRS/ ICIMOD at the Ugyen Brown Swiss Farm,  Chamkhar Valley, Bumthang from 17  September to 10 October 2011. The training was organised at the special request of Honourable Minister Dr Pema Gyamtsho, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF), Bhutan.

The workshop officially started with a meeting held at Bumthang on 17 September 2011 chaired by the Honourable Minister , and with the participation of Members of Parliament, the Governor of Bumthang Zongkhak, senior leaders and media persons. The Minister highlighted the importance of P3-DM for the development of Bumthang and briefed listeners on expectations from the model. Furthermore, it was decided that the location for the P3-DM would be the Ugyen Brown Swiss Farm, near the airport that is still under construction. At the meeting, Mr Govinda Joshi from ICIMOD gave a presentation on the P3-DM. 

There were forty-seven participants from different institutes, organisations, and communities (although there were not more than 20 participants a day) ranging from students to officials and government representatives to local community people. On completion of the P3-DM, a closing ceremony was held in the presence of the Bumthang Governor, senior leaders, the local community, training participants, and the media. Mr Govinda Joshi gave a presentation highlighting the construction process of P3-DM and outlined the training/ workshop as well as acknowledging support from participants. Certificates were distributed to the training/ workshop participants. The P3DM was then formally handed over to the Governor of Bumthang Dzongkhak.