December 2011: Highlighting the Mountain Agenda for Rio+20 Preparations


With the backdrop of the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) next year and as one of the founding members of the Mountain Partnership Consortium (MPC), ICIMOD is working closely with all key institutions around the globe promoting the Mountain Agenda to ensure that the issues and positions of mountainous countries and regions are clear and will be noticed by the UNCSD (also known as Rio+20) Preparatory Committee as well as the concerned Major Groups. ICIMOD is working closely with Major Groups on ‘Children and Youth’, ‘NGOs’, ‘Local Authorities’, ‘Scientific and Technological Community’, and ‘Women’, whilst maintaining regular interaction with others. 

As part of this preparation, ICIMOD has organised a number of discussions at the Hindu Kush-Himalayan and Asia Pacific regional level aimed at different groups, including youth, media, policy makers, and civil society representatives. These ideas were captured while preparing Rio+20 position papers on the HKH and South East Asia-Pacific regions, a Green Economy for Sustainable Mountain Development, and an Asia Pacific Youth Position Paper on Rio+20. All these documents have been submitted to the UNCSD secretariat as inputs to the Rio+20 Zero Draft. The documents can be accessed here or