Koshi repair to be over by Sunday


The construction work aimed at strengthening the breaching points of five spurs at the Koshi River was earlier scheduled to be completed on March 31.

With this, the overgrowing fear of floods among the people of western part of Sunsari district caused due to the onset of the monsoon season will be highly allayed with the completion of the repair and reconstruction work.

"Three out of the five breaching points have already been repaired and the reconstruction of the remaining two will be over by the end of May," the official told myrepublica.com. The completion of the embankment construction will bring huge relief especially to those who were displaced by the Koshi River flooding last August. Some 35,000 people were displaced due to the floods as main stream of the river changed its course eastward by damaging two spurs. Laukahi, Pashchim Kusaha, Ghuski, Sripur, Haripur and Basantapur VDCs were the worst affected by the floods.

Indian government spent about Rs 2.29 billion for repair and reconstruction of the spur and embankment. The work was delayed because of frequent bandas and strikes, according to the official. Volatile security situation at the project site was also blamed for the delay.

Nepali officials were worried about the delay as it would put the lives of the people at risk in case the monsoon kicks off before the reconstruction is complete. Nepal, on its side, has spent around Rs 30 million for the reconstruction.